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A New Generation Has Begun!

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Shortly after the arrival of our newest member, did the call go out for the assistance of the Titans! In fact, two calls at once! Here within shall the memories of our team-members be recorded. For this first call out, and many more.


Day XX Month XX Year XXXX
It was the first double call we have had since my arrival. We have had to break apart into two teams. There was a call involving robots and a call to retrieve an artefact. So after hearing the briefs Casanova, The Pulse, Knockout, Shockwave, and myself went out to retreive the artifact.

There was a researcher who was killed and the artefact left behind. So either the person was there for something else or did not recognize the artefact for what it was. After examining the Doctor’s research he seemed to be on the verge of confirming his idea that we prometheans are different on the genetic level than everyone else.

After finally landing we headed over and talked with some Interpole agent in charge of the investigation and looked around his place. I think we got everything of note that we could, and aside from some disturbing information regarding the Doctors attacker.

After looking around the apartment we leave and learn that some individuals from Eagle Corporation pretended to be us and took the artefact. We managed to catch up to them but before we could demand that they return the device a fight broke out. I am pretty sure that Lady Lightnings Brother was there, The Sinister Robot was there, as well as two others that I really did not recognise. One seemed to kill the plants around her, and the other had this field of diamonds that protected her.

Must remember to see if we can update our SoP for when we get calls like this, informing the locals as to which Titans will be arriving for pick up.

Red Star.

A New Generation Has Begun!

The date is July 1, 2011.

INTERPOL should not be written as Interpole, although it makes me think of guys busting down the doors of strip clubs around Europe with a set of callipers to make sure they conform to some standard of pole dancing … and that’s hillareous to my tired mind.

But definitely covers the highlights, well done.

A New Generation Has Begun!

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