Black Dragon

The toughest mo-fo on the planet, sucka!


January 2, 1993 Black Dragon is hired by Eagle Corporation as EO: Promethean affairs.

November 26, 2005 Rising Sun tries to take on Black Dragon alone and is killed.

Incredibly tough, even by first generation Promethean standards, so much so that several of the first generation Titans were only enough to stall him until Captain Awesome arrived.

More than happy to kill those who oppose him, he has been known to continue to attack unconscious foes in order to insure that they never get up again.

Expects instant obedience to his orders. “You’d have to be insane not to do what he tells you to.”

Has an incredibly powerful punch, whose lethal potential is only matched by Red Star’s Warp Bolt power (24d6 hand attack).

Flew from Eagle City in Louisiana, USA to Oran, Algiers (~8240km) in about 5 minutes. This gives him a non-combat flight speed of approximately 100,000km/h.


Black Dragon

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