Bright Feather

The Thunderbird rides the winds once more!


Note in file from Knockout

First encountered at Cadmus Labs, Native, challenged Cassanova to a duel.

Note if file from Shockwave

Despite his name, he doesn’t appear to be the brightest light bulb in the fixture. However, he seems to be very laid back and friendly.
Can transform into a gigantic eagle the size of a tandem axle truck, which has a ranged sonic attack (SFX is lightning coursing over it’s body).
He can open trans-dimensional doors, we escaped from the curio shop artifact’s extra-dimensional space when he drew a series of fractal symbols on a cliff face to open a portal back to Earth.


A recent addition to Eagle Corporation’s Promethean division, his original home is in Moose Factory in northern Ontario.

Bright Feather

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