Doctor Prometheus

The First Promethean.


Twenty years ago, the good doctor was in fact a medical doctor working on the human genome project. His success grew beyond the dreams of his colleagues and he managed to not only isolate genes that controlled human intelligence, but also managed to modify them and to do so to a subject directly, not just to clones of that subject. He tested his elixir on himself and grew so intelligent that he better understood his work, how to make a better elixir! Time and time again, the cycle repeated. Finally, he drank his ultimate elixir, but then he decided that humanity wasn’t ready for such genius. So, he destroyed his work utterly and without trace. Then he turned his super-human intelligence to plans so complex that no-one has ever understood his actions since.

What is known without a doubt, however, is that he used his techniques to modify humans around the globe, turning them into super-humans. Rapidly dubbed Prometheans, these fantastic individuals started to discover their abilities. Within a year, the doctor had vanished to parts unknown, leaving behind caches of hyper-advanced technology, strange constructions of unfathomable purpose, devices of awesome power and scores of genetically modified super-people. Leaderless and scattered, the early days of the Prometheans were filled with uncertainty, but soon the bad elements started to rise and the first Super Villains were on the loose.


January 1, 1991, Doctor Prometheus completes his final Elixer, becoming the ultra-genius he is known as today.

Doctor Prometheus

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