Fireball Pete


Powered-down Promethean named Petyr Policnic recently discovered to have been a patient in a sanitorium in Slovenia since shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Not surprisingly, his powers are fire-based. He had been vocal about things like Bosnia-Herzegovina but was distanced from the Titans who refused to take sides or do anything about it. Kevin, Milan Stanojevic and Gillian were on a mission to deliver a package to him as a favour to Atlas. Appears to be the father of Phoenix but currently only Jade, Knockout, Shockwave and Midnight know this and for now, none of them are telling…

He’s also got a niece, she was sitting on the train next to Shockwave when he was travelling through Slovenia towards Sarajevo. She sent him an email after the artifact retrieval mission in Slovenia, wants him to come talk to Petyr about what happened during the war.


Fireball Pete

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