The Master of Mental Manipulation! Muahahahaha!


Note from Knockout on his file:

“His arrogance is his shield but it’s not absolute, Cassanova has had a mild effect using presence and I have had a mild effect using mental powers. I believe his mental shielding is stronger than mine. He strokes his goatee when he’s about to do something, and I can see through some of his effects, like the time he “disappeared”, but was still standing there. Nobody else could see him. He does have a power whereby he does actually disappear, probably some form of teleport. His powers show up as a whirling hypnotic pinwheel."

Notes from Shockwave on his file:

“He was the person in charge of their attempt to recruit Riot. He was the one that ordered the others to break off the action, although Voltage didn’t seem inclined to obey him.”
“He offered me $2M a year and it wasn’t nearly enough to even consider tolerating his presence.”
“I’d wouldn’t trust him nearly as far as I could kick his sorry ass. From what I’ve seen so far, neither do his coworkers.”
“He can generate illusions that are real enough to be photographed. Given that he’s worked with Wraith for years, and I’ve known her for a few days, it’s kind of sad that I’ve got a better idea of what she looks like than he does.”


Joined Eagle Corporation on January 16, 2009


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