Red Star


Red Star has been quiet about his life before joining the Titans. He is 18 years old and has made reference to having his powers for 4 years. From the way that his powers manifest it is rather easy to assume that he is the child of Rising Sun, though none of the vids or fan sites have ever mentioned her having a son.

There have been a few occasions when he has shown his disdain for his home country, the United States. Why he holds these feelings is not something that he has actually talked about with others. When pressed on the matter he has usually left the conversation, most times by using his flight to leave base and the questioning individual. It is obviously a sore spot and not something he has yet to willingly talk about.

Despite these quirks he seems to be one of the true believers in the cause of the Titans. The artefacts left behind by Dr. Prometheus must be collected and removed from circulation as they are far too powerful for anyone to use. He has even gone so far as to always be in his uniform. There are some variations given what activity he is doing but he never is seen outside of his room not wearing some version of it.

There is a level of military precision with the way that his room is kept. The bed is always made the same every time. He keeps a version of his Uniform folded neatly next to his bed for the late night calls. Everything seems to be in it’s proper place and it is always clean. He has even gone so far as to kick the robots out of his room because they are not doing it right.


Red Star

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