The Ghost in the Machine.


Note in file placed by Knockout after Cadmus Labs incident, edited after Sudbury incident

“Wraith has a psychic damage shield where any mental attack or even just mental contact feeds back to the originator with her agony, [EDIT: it seems to affect her as well, possibly worse than it affects me]. She also cannot be sensed electronically, it causes a glitch in the system that is hidden from the system so even running a program to look for her on video footage won’t work, it just doesn’t acknowledge her presence, or even the absence of a presence, at all.”

Note in file placed by Lady Lightning (?)

“Got a bad roll of the dice in life. Won’t miss an opportunity to indulge in fine living”

Note in file from Shockwave

“Has a body suit that can replicate Lightning’s Tazer Touch. Can warp her entire body like it’s Silly Putty, but the horrific popping sounds suggest that she’s dislocating every joint in her body in the process. ‘A bad roll of the dice’ is an gross understatement.”

“She knows more than we’ve been able to find out about what Cadmus Labs has been up to. I know how to counteract the effects that the Black Skull jamming device has on Eagle Corporation’s military-grade shielded avionics. I’m certainly through with doing any favours for Atlas, but I’m up for buying information from them.”


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