Tag: place


  • Degteyarsk

    This town in Russia was destroyed by what the Titans now suspect to be [[The Driller | The Driller]].

  • Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

    9600 feet below ground level at the bottom of the defunct Crichton Mine in Sudbury is the Neutrino Lab. It's been damaged now by what the Titans suspect is [[The Driller | The Driller]].

  • Science North

    Science Centre in Sudbury. Partially destroyed by an unknown device during Sudbury mission.

  • Cadmus Laboratories

    Laboratory in Maryland suspected by Eagle Corp to be studying Promethean Serum in order to "unmake" Prometheans. [[:shockwave | Shockwave]] spotted a familiar-looking glitch in a crowd in an advertisement during Xaedas's football game. [[Maxwell Kenton]], …

  • Lasalle High School

    [[:knockout | Knockout]] went to Lasalle Secondary School in Sudbury. During the [[What do you mean, in Sudbury? | Sudbury mission]], the Titans discovered that the locals have been investigating the possibility of a Promethean artifact within the school. …

  • Eagle City

    After Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans, [[Eagle Corporation | Eagle Corporation]] bought the place and built up its own corporate city. March 9, 2007 Ground broken on Eagle City, crews sent down as they complete work on New Orleans. September …

  • Spire

    The Spire is an office building in [[Eagle City | Eagle City]] built to be exactly 1 meter taller than the tallest existing building at the time it was built (Dubai has already built something taller, because they're Dubai). [[:atlas | Atlas]]'s office is …

  • Titans' base

    Originally an oil platform, this heaily-modified base now sits in the middle of the ocean. February 17, 1996 Titans take ownership of their base and tow it to the current location

  • Vault

    On the ocean floor, this is where all the Promethean Artifacts retrieved by the [[League of Titans | Titans]] are stored. It's in a complex consisting of six huge glass domes which also house the prison where Lord Havoc and Red Terror are imprisoned.