Black Skull

A massive organization, apparently dedicated to gaining the release of Lord Havoc through the use of terrorism on an epic scale. Their underground base in the Jura mountains was evacuated after the Titan’s assault, but it’s a safe bet that they’ve got another rock to scurry under. They’ve got the resources to put hundreds of men on the field, as well as a aircraft-launching Zeppelin and a flying warship.

Their technology is a mixed bag, their suits of powered armour use iron armour that was obsolete in the 1870s but are equipped with weapons that only a Promethean could develop. Their weather control devices were powered by a Promethean artifact, but their flying warship appears to be a close replica of a WWI British Navy destroyer. Their armoured walkers use icicle-firing Gatling cannons, but are powered by a perfectly reasonable diesel engine.

Their equipment tends towards a steampunk or dieselpunk flavour, suggesting that there’s one person that’s responsible for their design.

First encountered in Milan, Italy when they test out their electronic jamming gear on the Titan’s Lancer. The customized van with their gear was last seen heading north into Switzerland, probably returning to their secret base.

Black Skull

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