Black Skull Landship

From all reports, Black Skull‘s landship is a near-duplicate of a WWI-era British Admiralty V-class destroyer leader, the HMS Vampire. The weapons have been upgraded to Promethean standards (QF 4in Mk V guns replaced by lightning bolt launchers, anti-aircraft guns replaced by laser cannons), but it otherwise appears as it did before it’s loss in WWII.

It hovers a few inches off the ground, through some unknown mechanism. Its lengthy retreat from the Jura mountains base suggests that it is incapable of actual free flight, and is limited to travelling over level terrain.

During Black Skull’s attempt to free Lord Havoc from his prison, it operated as a regular naval vessel, and was capable of about 35kt (65km/h). As it closed with the Titan’s base to launch boarding parties, Lady Lightning and The Pulse teleported on board and wrecked it’s bridge controls. Out of control, and unable to fire back, the 180mm guns on the base pounded it into a drifting wreck.

The final indignity inflicted upon it was the Megashark doing a belly-flop onto it, causing it to break in half and sink like a rock.
Final indignity

Black Skull Landship

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