League of Titans

April 16, 1992 Captain Awesome and Miss Midnight publicly found the Titans.

June 9, 1992 The Titans apprehend Lord Havoc.

September 20, 1992 Red Sabre, Iron Crusader, Ultra Nova, Rising Sun and Great Wall agree to join the Titans.

November 20, 1994 Lord Havoc is recaptured by the Titans and transferred to the Ultra Prison.

December 16, 1995 World Court authorizes the Titans to arrest and detain Lord Havoc and Red Terror indefinitely.

February 9, 1996 Titans receive a UN charter as the Promethean Artifact Retreval and Storage Organization.

February 17, 1996 Titans take ownership of their base and tow it to the current location.

March 21, 1997 Titans recapture Lord Havoc and take him into custody.

May 18, 1997 Titans capture Red Terror and take him into custody.

June 3, 1997 World Court formally makes Titan’s custody of Lord Havoc and Red Terror permanent.

May 28, 2003 Doctor Atomic kills Great Wall. The Doctor’s robots return the body to the Titan’s base.

August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina does incredible damage to the United States, devastating New Orleans. The remaining Titans scramble to render disaster relief.

League of Titans

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