Places We Have Been, People We Have Seen

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Germany mission – Bonn, murder of Dr. Mueller:, PC’s including Casanova, Shockwave, Knockout, Red Star, and The Pulse are sent for retrieval of Promethean artifact almost stolen by Eagle Corporation’s Diamond, Voltage, The Sinister Robot and Half Life. We deal with Inspecteur Clousseau from INTERPOL.

Italy mission – Milan, PC’s including Phoenix, Xaedas, Jade Carapace, Autumn Breeze and Lightning are sent to destroy a Havoc engine, the Mayor of Milan is quite taken with Jade and company and asks them to dinner.

BC Mission – Vancouver, PC’s including Red, Knockout and Shockwave, apprehension of the Promethean Charles Simon, AKA Riot, our RCMP contact was Caleb McTaggart, Eagle Corp folks who tried to get to him first included Voltage, Mezmerro and Diamond.
recovery of large artifact, AJ has no info on this session, please help

Russia Mission – PC’s including Cassanova, Pulse, Autumn and Knockout sent to Russia on the Lancerto base of Ural Mountains to investigate odd seismic readings and help with fire fighting and rescue operations, determine that a device later suspected to be The Driller caused explosion at mine and subsequent wildfires, Knockout was there at the specific request of Russian General Grigoire Ivanovich, Igor Gervei, destroyed the town of Degteyarsk, Knockout is introduced to The Broker during a kidnapping attempt by Chimera with the aid of L ieutenant Alexei Novetnov.

Brazil Mission – Rio, PC’s including Shockwave, jJade Carapaceand Xaedas sent to retreive Promethean artifact to be sold on the black market, meet up with Eagle Corp members Diamond and Apex.

Maryland USA Mission – same video glitch as seen on murder video of Dr. Mueller leads PC’s including Cassanova, Red Star, Lady Lightning, Shockwave and Knockout to Cadmus Labs where we speak to Maxwell Kenton about the safety of Dr. Adrianna interrupt a robbery by Wraith, assisted by Apex, Mezmerro, Brightfeather and Jack Frost from Eagle Corporation

Eagle City mission – PC’s including Phoenix, Pulse, Jade, Autumn and Xaedas meet with Atlas

Sudbury, Canada mission – PC’s including Shockwave, Knockout, Phoenix, Xaedas and Lightning meet up with an unaffiliated Promethean named Polaris and participate in the destruction of an amphibious possibly Havoc machine at Science North and a Havoc engine at Sudbury’s City Hall, and discover more evidence of The Driller at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, Officer Isaac Raminos tells Knockout about rumours of Promethean artifact at Lasalle High School, rumours of cult activity turn out to be Chimera

Adam’s group’s mission – PC’s including Cassanova, Autumn, Jade and Pulse deal with a Havoc engine and robots

An actual roleplaying session – Xaedas finds his brother Jack Frost, Phoenix starts asking questions about the devastation in Hamilton and gets some advice from Midnight and some companionship and sympathy from Red Star, Cassanova follows up on his duel with Bright Feather out in Moose Factory ON, Knockout starts wondering if there’s any kind of link between her parents and Chimera, and enlists Lightning’s help sorting that out. After Lightning, Pulse, Jade, Seven and Valkyrie get back from some PR event, of course.

A delivery for Atlas and a surprise on the way homeJade Carapace, Shockwave and Knockout are sent by Midnight to do a favour for Atlas in return for his help when they went to see him about the floaty thingy, the mission is to quietly deliver a package to Petyr Policnic in a sanitoruim in Ljubljana, which they do, and (spoiler alert) where they violate their mandate by not confiscating some Promethean Serum and they discover Petyr was actually a Promethean named Fireball Pete, who is Phoenix‘s father. On the way home from the mission, an electronic issue is discovered and investigated in Milan, where Jade talks to the Mayor again and we also deal with INTERPOL’s Inspecteur Clousseau when the vehicle suspected of causing the electronic issue crosses into Switzerland.

Bodyguarding at The OperaLeeds Grand Theatre, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England Xaedas, Phoenix, Lightning and the Pulse have a bodyguarding mission, protecting the Promethean Union Jack, whereby they meet his date, and take out a bunch of Chimera operatives who had a gauntlet that stole power from Prometheans. The mystery woman disappears from the hospital that evening leaving no trace.

Black Skull in Swizerland – Before the action, Xaedas tries to determine the identity of Union Jack‘s disappearing date, Lightning comes up with the name Candace Toff. Knockout does some research into her birth parents and discovers the owner/operator of the “Next Generation Placement Agency” is none other than Alexei Novetnov, under the name Trevor Kite. Cassanova has gone home for a visit and Autumn must be on some kind of nature retreat because we don’t know where she is. The rest of the team heads out to Swizerland where a weather-control device is being used to threaten the UN into releasing Lord Havoc. The Titans attack on two fronts, linked by Knockout’s communication abilities, eventually defeating the forces they were up against and destroying the weather control device, but the main body of Black Skull got away and the Promethean device that had powered the weather-control device was never found.

The little shop that wasn’t there yesterday – In the aftermath of a brief firefight between the Black Skull Landship and the Slovenian Army, a Promethean artifact is detected the the nearby village of Poljubinj. Shockwave, The Pulse, Autumn Breeze and Lady Lightning teleport in to keep things discrete. We end up in the town of Tolmin and have to hike to Poljubinj, learning a bit about Shockwave‘s previous employment history on the way. A bit of elementary sleuthing determines that the perennial bad pennies have turned up again. The clerk in the general store’s got a photograph, we’re up against Bright Feather, Jack Frost, Voltage and Wraith (wait, why’s she visible in the shot? – apparently Mezmerro can create illusions that can be photographed). Shockwave converts his long-suffering smart phone into a Promethean artifact detector, which gets the highest readings from the junk shop in between the store and the tailor’s shop. The inside is some sort of trans-dimensional maze, there are 8 Prometheans blundering around in a 30×40ft room, only occasionally tripping over one another. The only casualties are Mezmerro (felled by The Pulse‘s psychic dagger) and Lady Lightning (critically injured again by a flying kitchen knife). Voltage gets to play the knight in shining armour for his sister. When we open the front door again, it opens onto a busy street in Boston instead of a small village in Slovenia. Fortunately, we can get reception in Boston, and Ivanka’s got a wealth of information on this store’s particular quirks. The artifact turns out to be a doll that Autumn first noticed lying on the floor when we first entered the store.

Artifact in Seville, Driller in Algeria – Originally sent to retrieve a Promethean artifact from Seville, Spain, Phoenix, Cassanova, Knockout, Jade and X head out, but en route in the Lancer, we are re-routed to Oran, Algeria, where it appears the Driller has made another appearance and is laying waste to an Eagle Corp HQ building. We’re supposed to help out, but as usual, arrive too late to do much, and we end up with Phoenix getting mightily stomped on by Black Dragon. Picking up the artifact from Spain is a non-event, seems it’s a Havoc homing device which X inadvertently turned off by shaking it.

Cassanova interrogates the prisoner from the Swiss Black Skull mess and discover that the son of Lord Havoc, one Black Skull, is responsible for the whole mess. The prisoner is released in Spain because we were never to have had him in our custody in the first place, not our mandate. Knockout finds out some scary details about the Next Generation Placement Agency.

A vacation in Cairo – The Egyptian government has asked Eagle Corporation to help arrest an elusive computer hacker, using a product demonstration as cover. The police suspect a Promethean artifact is involved, which Eagle Corp will get to keep when the hacker’s arrested. The hacker is holding an oil company’s financial information hostage, a meeting’s been arranged to pay a ransom. We’ve been eavesdropping on their communications, and Lady Lightning, Autumn, Casanova, Shockwave and Xeadas teleport into Cairo to grab the artifact first. Lady Lightning builds a computer program to divert everyone’s attention to an alternative site while we show up at the actual site of the ransom exchange. It’s in a pretty swank businessman’s club, so Autumn and Casanova go spend a pile of his money on some decent clothes for all of us. The diversion is partially successful, only Scarlet and Katana are at the real site and we grab Blade and teleport out before anyone can object. At the other end of the teleport, we confiscate the artifact (a katana that lets it’s wielder teleport) and send the hacker on her way empty-handed.

UFO in Mexico Jade, Phoenix, The Pulse, Red Star and Knockout are sent in the Lancer to investigate some UFO sightings along the US-Mexico border (the Mexican government called us, much to Red’s relief). We land near the town of Verasoe, meet up with some conspiracy-theory crackpots named Orion, Veritas and Loremaster who run a watchdog website we used during our in-flight research. We all get teleported by Pulse somehow (she doesn’t know either) close to the object, which had just been shot down by Half Life, Apex and the Sinister Robot. A brief fight later, they’re gone and we have the item, which has an Eagle Corp logo inside it.

Season 1 Finale – Air and Sea. The Titans’ base is attacked by Black Skull. The Titans with the ability to fly (Phoenix, Red Star, Xaedas, took to the air and made the airship go boom. The non-fliers stayed at the base doing things like communications sabotage and misdirection (Shockwave bodges together a jamming device for after Lightning hacks the system and Cassanova convinces them that their air force is required at other locations), and Jade and Knockout got wet and took on Megashark, eventually convincing it to bite the landship after the fliers had made quite the mess of it and Lightning and Pulse had teleported onboard with the intention of downloading a virus into their system, only to find out the entire thing was mechanical… Then once everything topside had been dealt with, we all got into pressure wetsuits and headed down to the ocean floor with Midnight and Captain Awesome to fight the marauders and terror-walkers coming for Lord Havoc down in the prison.

Places We Have Been, People We Have Seen

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