Promethian Titans

Off to BC!

In which we find that someone is perfectly happy rooting through someone else's brain while they're unconcious

Who wants to go to Canada for a mission, they ask? Ooh, ooh, me!!! And apparently Shockwave and Red Star.

About ten minutes into the flight, they have us turn the Lancer around and we end up getting teleported because another call came in and the other team needs the Lancer.

Lady Lightning teleported us close to the airport we were supposed to arrive at, we just got there within minutes rather than hours, much to the surprise of our RCMP contact, Caleb McTaggart.

We’ve been deputized by the RCMP to keep everyone’s lawyers happy. We’re here looking for a rogue Promethean, one Charles Simon. Charles has been identified as participating in or inciting violence during the hockey riots and though still registered at school he hasn’t attended since the events. He hasn’t yet caused any bodily harm on humans or police, that’s at least a good sign, right?

He is from a working-class family, has a sister named Gina and has been known to hang around at the Richmond Mall’s south entrance, a bar called the “Boiler”. We’re allowed in to interview people even though we’re all underage because we’re deputized… Eventually we make our way to his parents’ home to interview them. They’re in a lower-income neighbourhood and are sort of anti-promethean… They say Charles was always a problem child, looking for something to rebel against, anarchistic, smart kid, good arguments that still make sense upon later reflection, was on the debate team, in the last year or so, fell in with tropublemakers, grades suffered, peer pressure, he’s not even the same person, maybe they were too easy on him, etc etc etc. Then the little sister goes all fangirl crush over Shockwave. Red Star promises her his autograph if she tells us where he’s been crashing, then convinces her parents to keep the girl from cell and internet access for the 30 min it’ll take us to get there so she doesn’t warn him we’re coming.

And who’s waiting for us but Diamond, Mezmerro and Voltage… Crap.

Mez does his swirly-eye-thingy on our cop, who runs off after what he thinks is Simon ducking around a corner… Red Star tries to arrest him for assaulting a police officer and then TK’s Voltage when they won’t cease and desist.

Then the apartment building door opens and Charles steps out into the street. Diamond says to him, “My boss wants to talk to you.”

I KO-punched Mez, he`s got more mental defense than me but I still got some through. He tried to swirly-eye-thingy Charles, who freaks out, hits me, then crumples like a rag doll from my KO-punch. Shockwave speedbagged Mez for a bit then Mez ‘disappeared’(he was still standing there but I guess only I could still see him).

Meanwhile Red Star has been barking at and generally being an ass to Voltage, who hollers at Diamond to go find her own opponent when she hits Red. Why does she stick with them, they’re such asses to her…

Our objective was the kid, so I went over to him and slung him over my shoulder and start carrying him towards the squad car. Meanwhile Mez mind-woogla’s the unconscious kid and calls the others off, something about him never being useful to them. Voltage didn’t want to go but Diamond picked him up and flew away. The others tracked down McTaggart and broke him out of the mez, booked the kid after an “if you won’t join us, at least keep your nose clean” lecture from Red (the kid was most unhappy to find out he’d gone down in one hit to a girl… he’d thought Knockout was only a description, not a power…

Red took off to fly back on his own to meet us in Newfoundland where we’ll be waiting for the Lancer to come get us.

Mezmerro is such an ass, I feel dirty, like I need a shower just having had my mind contact his enough to deliver the KO-punch, even his thoughts are palpably selfish, no regard at all for people, he’s one of those types that thinks having powers grants him the right to use them to bend others to his own purposes, or even just for fun. I can’t believe he so casually messes with people’s heads. Ugh. I think I’m gonna have nightmares if I can ever get to sleep in this airport…


Underaged? Speak for yourself, girl :-P There are people in the Bosnian army that are younger than I am.

It’s a shame that that greasy little twerp managed to dodge that last shot, otherwise he’d be in no shape to be whining about his broken nose.

Off to BC!

Yes, yes, I know you come from a country where you’re old enough to drink when you’re old enough to ask for a drink, but most of the rest of us come from more uptight societies! And in both the ‘States AND Canada, you can die for your country between one and three years before you can legally drink in it, depending on where exactly you’re from. Go figure.

Oh, I wish he’d gotten hit one more time, I still sting where he got me last week!

Off to BC!

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