Promethian Titans

A roleplaying session, of all things...

Phoenix wanted to know if her mother, Marie Oletrovski, was still alive. She asked Knockout since Lightning was busy. Knockout determined that her mother was alive and had been admitted to hospital, and learns in her investigation that everyone from Phoenix’s high school is dead, save those who were marked absent from class that day. Phoenix’s name is listed among the presumed dead.

Knockout tried calling the hospital where she’d been admitted but was stonewalled. Hey, Phoenix. I found out she’s alive and had been admitted to hospital but couldn’t find out if she’d been released or was still there, want me to keep trying, or is this enough info to go on for now? “I’ll get back to you.” Sure, anytime.

Cassanova was irate at the American/UN issues.

Further to the Driller issue, Cassanova wondered if Shockwave could develop some form of tracking device in case we ever see the thing again, Autumn suggested some form of biological tracking but since the thing leaves no tunnel behind it, it makes things difficiult.

Conversations started to get silly and Cas mentions that we’d been getting a rollout every 3 months before Phoenix arrived and now we’re up to two every couple days. Autumn made an offhand comment right after Knockout had told Phoenix about her mother and she burst into tears and ran out. Autumn ran after her and calmed her down. Meanwhile, Knockout told Cassanova everything she’d found out, and what she’d told and not told Phoenix. Phoenix went to the briefing room and requested that Warden post info about the Hammilton mess and he did, all of it, all at once… She became disturbed and Cassanova ran off to her rescue, long talk, lots of tears. Cas gets on the phone and gets a lot more info from the hospital than Knockout had managed. Marie had been treated for smoke inhalation and then released, she was now residing in one of the shelters set up for people displaced by the fires.

Knockout and Cassanova together go through the information and figure that the school was totalled, and there were lots of secondary fires. temporary shelters had been set up by the engineers from the Petawawa military base, kitchens and laundries were established, public spaces turned into temporary shelter, Dofasco contributed warehouse space for rebuilding and local help was starting to put things right, the city was starting to recover and rebuild. There was much discussion about what to do, we agree that it would be bad to take Phoenix there.

Cassanova and Knockout track Phoenix to the pool, so they grab their suits and while Knockout swims laps and Cassanova and Phoneix splash around in the shallow area, they break all the rest of the news to her. Now it’s up to Phoenix to figure out what she wants to do and when.

After a random discussion including Xaedas about parental reactions to manifesting Promethean powers, Knockout has some questions and sics Lightning on finding some answers. Was there any kind of link between her parents and Chimera? Her private thought is maybe they knew Chimera was watching her and kicked her out to protect her… it’s a lovely little fabrication she wishes she could hold onto.

Meanwhile Cassanova is trying to prepare for this duel he’s got scheduled with Bright Feather, finally ends up calling him to sort out details. Turns out he wants to meet in Moose Factory near Moosonee, a few hours’ drive north of Sudbury. “Let’s have some beers, settle out, watch the game…”

Midnight asks Phoenix to stay after class, where she gets her to spill the story and presents her with options, including tell her mom she’s still alive and face the charges that the Canadian government will lay on her, embrace her new identity and arise from the ashes, leaving her former identity listed as dead, or go to the Eagle Corporation and they’ll make it ALL go away. Red Star hangs back and when Midnight lets her go, he suggests they go fly together, she feels much improved afterwards.

Xaedas goes off to a tradeshow in the US to see Diamond, although it’s actually to ask about Jack. Voltage is there and being quite professional in his display, if still a little cocky and arrogant. Turns out Jack is indeed his brother Noleg, his father was supposed to have told him about it but apparently never did.

Shockwave asks Midnight about Black Dragon – he’s a large bombastic black man with a temper, capable of lots of damage. He also goes back and rechecks the footage of the glitch murdering Dr. Mueller, finds it inconsistent with the footage from the protest, no missing time.

Cadmus Labs investigation – they sell things to the Department of Defense, we were unable to confirm what was in the container that Wraith took.

Warden did find residue of something in Knockout’s system upon her return from Russia. Knockout followed this up by trying to figure out how long she can hold her breat. A surprisingly long time, it turns out. 8 minutes if she’s inactive, before she starts to hurt…



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