Promethian Titans

The show must go on

Chimera strikes again!

It’s been really quiet for the last little while. Which has been sorta nice, except it gives me too much time to think about my not so little problem. The what am I gonna DO… Which seems so far to be a whole lot of deciding that I’m not gonna decide. Which I know is Not Good.

But I’m scared. Scared to tell Mom and find out she doesn’t love me enough or hates Promethians; or more likely, is just really mad at me because I let her think I was dead. I’m also scared to lose my new friends and my life here. Sure, it gets scary sometimes but it’s also got some really cool things as well. And people. So I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I know I should confess and take the consequences for what I did. But…It’s not fair…this having to choose like this. Mom and punishment or being part of the Titans. I wish I could just see Mom and tell her, then swear her to secrecy.

A bunch of us were hanging out when Miss Midnight came in and asked for someone to volunteer as a team leader. Jade Carapace got the job for speaking up first, even though it was just to ask why. Midnight left and he followed. When he came back he started to select his team. I wanted to go and asked if I could be he said no. And wouldn’t tell me why! Xaedas made me fun of me when I complained about it. The mission was to deliver something for Atlas, as repayment of the favour he did by coming over here to shut off that big floating ball. In the end Jade, Knockout and Shockwave go off in the Lancer to do that. And the rest of us sit around until the alarm goes off.

The new mission is in England. From a Scotland yard inspector that Midnight knows. She doesn’t have much info for us. Just that it’s about stopping a terrorist threat and that it’s in Leeds, not London. The inspector will tell us more. When we get there. Lady Lightning teleports us, us being Lightning, Pulse, me and Xeadas, and we arrive in the local stadium. Thank god, or whatever, that there’s no game, just maintenance people, as we show up in the middle of the field. X says if there was a game he’d have to stay. Lightning calls the inspector and gets directions for where to go to meet up with him and people. It’s only five minutes away. A quick walk.

There are cameras all over the place. X salutes each one and at first I thought that was dumb, but then I changed my mind and waved at one as we went by it. It IS sorta fun to do that. Pulse put one of her knives through one which I thought was a bit much. Lightning complained about causing unnecessary property damage. We get there and it doesn’t look like a police station on the outside, just a big house or short apartment building, which from the inside I guess it might have been before the police moved in.

I don’t know what I expected to see, it looks kinda like an open office with police everywhere. We got lots of looks but no one bothered us. They made sure we found the inspector’s office and left us to talk to him. Turns out what he wants us to do is be extra bodyguards for their Promethian, Union Jack. Who’s important enough that one of things he’s doing that day is meeting with the Prime Minister.

The inspector says that the threat involves the use of a promethian device to be used against Jack, and when I as why he wants us he says something about hoping that having more of us around will help and I guess with how it turned he was right. At the time I just thought maybe he wanted to give the terrorists more targets so they might miss the one they were after. Or something, but that part’s not important. Then he tells us that he figures they’ll strike at particular time and place. It seems That Union Jack, who refused to change his schedule, is going ot the opera tonight. So that’s where we’ll be too. The inspector says he’ll give us whatever we need to do this and Lightning asks if we can have a look at the opera house before it opens. So we go have a tour. It’s big and fancy. The backstage area is bigger than the public bits. We decide that Pulse will stick around Union Jack and X will put on a tux and hang out in the public seats while Lightning sits on the gantry and I wander round the rest of backstage. That should give us enough coverage if anybody tries something.

The inspector arranges for us to talk to Union Jack before we have to actually be his bodyguards. So we go do that. He’s a lord. A Count. So he’s got an honest to god mansion complete with a butler. Union Jack is happy to meet us and introduces himself with his real name. I forget his first name but his last is the same as Lightning’s. Rosa’s. Delahue. But they’re not related, at least Rosa doesn’t think so. She tells him her name but none of the rest of us do. Maybe that was cause I didn’t. And I was second to be introduced and though I felt bad for not telling him my real name, just introducing myself as Phoenix, I couldn’t. Cause of the whole secret thing.

He’s a nice guy and very loyal to his country and big on this superhero thing. Which makes me feel all guilty again about Hamilton and keeping it a secret and maybe a bit glad he doesn’t know. In case it means he would hate me or something. We fill him in on our plans for tonight and then leave him to get ready for his meeting while we have time to kill and then take our places.

At first it was interesting being backstage of an opera but it got boring long before the curtain went up. It was noisy and there was no where out of the way for long for me to stand or sit. So I kept moving around from room to room from just behind the stage, to the door out back where people sneak out to take smoke breaks. Everybody’s busy except for us and the front bit is filling up. Our protectee shows up with the most gorgeous woman anywhere. And they go up to the second level. I got back to wandering backstage and the opera gets started. From back there it’s boring. You can’t see hardly anything and I’ve already heard most of the songs from the bits that the singers were practicing before. And none of it is in either English or French so I’ve no idea what they’re saying anyway.

I’m kinda glad it didn’t make it much past the start of the second act. We’ve all got security headsets and Lightning is playing leader with both us and the actual security guys so when she sees some guys over the security cameras trying to get in the front doors she can have security lock them out. But right after that X sees some guys in the audience all stand up at reach into the coats at the same time. And I spot three guys with big guns come in the backdoor which someone has gone out of pretty recently. I don’t remember if the guy came back. They’re pointing the guns at people and yelling at them to get down or get shot. Time seems to slow down like in an action movie. People are scared and dropping stuff. Doing as the gunmen say. I run right at them. Which is kinda stupid in one sense as it means I could get shot, but I’m really fast and I’m betting I can get there first before the shot. That, and I sorta remember something about a moving target is harder to hit. So yeah, I pull my collar off but don’t go all burny, I run full speed at them standing together in their little triangle and I hit the lead guy so hard he goes flying out the backdoor into the alley. His friends are real surprised and one tries to grab me but I shrug him off and the other doesn’t manage to hit me. Bullet time or something. They are SO slow. So I have lots of time to punch the first guy and turn around to smack the second one as well.

Then everything comes back to normal with the gunmen unconscious and everyone being all loud with relief and not panicking anymore. So I go out back to check on things there. And find a stagehand cowering behind the dumpster. I tell him it’s over and he goes back inside while I take the first gunman’s weapon, some kind of automatic rifle thingy, and drag him inside to be put with the other two in a corner somewhere for the security people to deal with. I take the other two guns as well. Then check in with Lightning. Who says that there is a a guy with a Promethian device up with Union Jack and yes she does want me up there right now. All of us need to get up there.

So I run out on to the stage and fly up to the balcony so I can try to help. There’s a guy up there with a medieval style gauntlet thingy that’s glowing with math stuff all over it. Scary looking math with all those equations and symbols and stuff. Union Jack and the woman are on the ground unconscious. Lightning takes them away to a hospital after Pulse hit the bad guy with her daggers and he goes down. It took her more than one dagger to drop him. X pulls the glove off him and the glow goes away. Pulse tells us the guy said, “Feel the sting of Chimera” just before he set the thing off.

X puts the gauntlet on his own hand and then pulls it off in hurry, He looks sick, like throw up sick. And there’s marks all over his arm. Like the glove printed its equations into his ice. He says it felt like the device was sucking out his lifeforce and that he still feels like shit. So he bundles the thing up and after a quick chat with the inspector, who will clean things up with Lightning and Pulse to help, me and X fly back to base with the glove.

We pass the security check at base and split up. X is going to take the gauntlet to the Vault and then go to Medical, while I’m going to find either Midnight orCaptain Awesome and report in. I find the Captain and give him the Cliff Notes version of what we’ve been up to. I don’t think I missed anything as I was just giving all the important stuff. He said I should write a complete report so Midnight gets all the details. Which is what I’m doing right now. I’ll just take out the personal stuff before I hand it in.

After I see the Captain I go find X in Medical, Warden’s running all sorts of test on him some of which look like they hurt. X says he still hasn’t gotten any better so I offer to go get Autumn and see if she can help. He says sure and so I go fetch her. And then all she has to do is touch him for a bit and it works. He’s all better! Lightning and Pulse come home and visit X. Then lightning takes Autumn with her to heal Union Jack and the woman, except that by the time they get there, she’s gone.

But X has made a really good copy of her head and gotten that scanned by Midnight so that we can find out who she is. Union Jack didn’t know anything except that he’d just met her and she called herself Jennifer.

Think that’s everything… oh! Right. X put the Chimera symbol in front of the eyes of one of the guys he froze in the audience area and the guy recognized it. None of the gunmen has any jewellery with the chimera symbol but Pulse told me that the police later found that they all had tattoos of it on different parts of their bodies. So they definitely were Chimera people. And that’s everything I know about this.



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