Who was Doctor Prometheus?

Twenty years ago, the good doctor was in fact a medical doctor working on the human genome project. His success grew beyond the dreams of his colleagues and he managed to not only isolate genes that controlled human intelligence, but also managed to modify them and to do so to a subject directly, not just to clones of that subject. He tested his elixir on himself and grew so intelligent that he better understood his work, how to make a better elixir! Time and time again, the cycle repeated. Finally, he drank his ultimate elixir, but then he decided that humanity wasn’t ready for such genius. So, he destroyed his work utterly and without trace. Then he turned his super-human intelligence to plans so complex that no-one has ever understood his actions since.

What is known without a doubt, however, is that he used his techniques to modify humans around the globe, turning them into super-humans. Rapidly dubbed Prometheans, these fantastic individuals started to discover their abilities. Within a year, the doctor had vanished to parts unknown, leaving behind caches of hyper-advanced technology, strange constructions of unfathomable purpose, devices of awesome power and scores of genetically modified super-people. Leaderless and scattered, the early days of the Prometheans were filled with uncertainty, but soon the bad elements started to rise and the first Super Villains were on the loose.

What is the League of Titans?

You grew up watching them on Youtube clips, copied from a friend of a friend because sites were being taken down as fast as people were putting them up. Grainy, blurred images from someone’s phone interleaved between shots pulled from security cameras, traffic helicopters and shaky hand-cams. Every story on the news filled with accounts of property damage and mass hysteria. Every televangelist pointing his finger at these abominations, cursed by God! Like most of your generation, though, you grew up rooting for them like a favourite sports team; Captain Awesome and his League of Titans!

But who were these masked men? Captain Awesome, indisputably the most powerful Promethean of his era, decided to put a stop to the terror of Super Villainy and battle it directly to protect all the people of Earth. In so doing, he drew to himself other Prometheans of like mind, a certain measure of public recognition and eventually the tacit approval of the world governments. The Captain’s League of Titans was founded close to twenty years ago, though it only really gained momentum about fifteen years ago when it finally got the backing of the United Nations, although many member nations don’t have much respect for them to this day.

Under the auspices of a UN charter, the League is tasked with the non-proliferation of Promethean technology and the security of those Prometheans deemed impossible to incarcerate otherwise. In layman’s terms; they hunt down leftover Promethean relics and put them in their vault. Their base is in international waters and reputedly includes both their sprawling vaults and their ultra security prison.

What was the Fade?

Somewhere between five and fifteen years after the development of their powers, the first generation of Prometheans started to lose their powers. Many died as their abilities flickered at inopportune moments. Others retired when they felt their powers wane or they saw what happened to their colleagues. Some could not endure the life of a normal, and either stayed in the super-hero’s lifestyle until it ended them or turned to grief and suicide. The bottom line is that most of the first generation are gone.

Sometimes a cache of Promethean technology will include a serum that can temporarily restore first generation Prometheans to power. The sudden return of these great names has haunted the last decade, and kept it from settling into peace.

Who are we?

You are members of the second generation of Prometheans. Though you may not have known it until recently, one of your parents was manipulated by Doctor Prometheus to become super-human. That genetic tampering not only made them fantastic, but you as well! You may have been raised by your Promethean parent or not, but the truth is impossible to hide forever; Prometheans are simply too great to hide their nature amongst normal men and women indefinitely. They live too large, think too great and possess powers too massive to fit into a normal world.

Second generation Prometheans share the same special effects as their parent, though the actual nature of their powers can vary wildly. Perhaps the parent can fly on a fiery trail but the child can teleport between open flames. Maybe the parent fires bolts of flame, and the child manifests a flaming sword. They’re both fire wielders, but different.

Different nations have handled the Promethean question with differing levels of decorum or respect for human rights. Few have handled it well and there have been some truly disgraceful incidents in recent years. You, like several other Prometheans, have joined up with the League of Titans to rebuild its reputation and carry on its work. A new generation of super-villains is starting to flex its muscles, and there’s no-one else out there lining up to do the right thing …

When is this happening?

Today is the day when we vow to stand up for what is right.
It’s time to use your powers to defend those people that don’t have any.
It’s time to stand together and hold back the night.
The date is today, and evil is on the rise!

We are the League of Titans!


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