Full Timeline

The Golden Era

January 1, 1991T – 20 yearsDoctor Prometheus completes his final Elixer, becoming the ultra-genius he is known as today
April 16, 1992T – 19 yearsCaptain Awesome and Miss Midnight publicly found the Titans
June 9, 1992T – 19 yearsThe Titans apprehend Lord Havoc
June 16, 1992T – 19 yearsAfter considerable debate, the Hague is chosen for the trial of Doctor Evil, he is transferred into local custody
June 17, 1992T – 19 yearsDespite all precautions, Lord Havoc escapes custody
August 4, 1992T – 19 yearsLord Havoc is tried in absentia and convicted to life imprisonment. Construction of a new facility begins
September 19, 1992T – 19 yearsCaptain Awesome and Miss Midnight host a gathering of Prometheans and discuss the future of the world
September 20, 1992T – 19 yearsRed Sabre, Iron Crusader, Ultra Nova, Rising Sun and Great Wall agree to join the Titans
January 1, 1993T – 18 yearsEagle Corporation founded by Atlas with money made from patent sales
January 2, 1993T – 18 yearsBlack Dragon is hired by Eagle Corporation as EO: Promethean affairs
January 15, 1993T – 18 yearsThe infamous Masquerade Ball of ’93 which was attended by every known Promethean or so said the media
January 16, 1993T – 18 yearsNight Shade, Master Mind, Doctor Atomic and Urban Avenger sign on with the Eagle Corporation
November 20, 1994T – 17 yearsLord Havoc is recaptured by the Titans and transferred to the Ultra Prison
November 22, 1994T – 17 yearsLord Havoc escapes the Ultra Prison
March 18, 1995T – 16 yearsStorm Lord and Laser Girl sign on with the Eagle Corporation
October 31, 1995T – 16 yearsRed Terror is defeated before his master plan can erradicate all life on Earth, but he escapes
November 28, 1995T – 16 yearsRed Terror is tried in absentia and sentenced to life imprisonment
December 16, 1995T – 16 yearsWorld Court authorizes the Titans to arrest and detain Lord Havoc and Red Terror indefinitely
February 9, 1996T – 15 yearsTitans receive a UN charter as the Promethean Artifact Retreval and Storage Organization
February 17, 1996T – 15 yearsTitans take ownership of their base and tow it to the current location
March 21, 1997T – 14 yearsTitans recapture Lord Havoc and take him into custody
May 18, 1997T – 14 yearsTitans capture Red Terror and take him into custody
June 3, 1997T – 14 yearsWorld Court formally makes Titan’s custody of Lord Havoc and Red Terror permanent

The Flicker Era

July 8, 1997T – 14 yearsLaser Girl is killed by Rising Sun’s Warp Bolt
August 21, 1998T – 13 yearsStorm Lord shuts down a hurricane, reducing it back to a tropical storm, saving countless lives
August 21, 1998T – 13 yearsStorm Lord fades in a battle with Red Sabre and is swept out to sea badly hurt, never to be seen again
September 6, 1998T – 13 yearsEagle Corporation begins to advertise as a global organization, with physical or virtual outlets in every nation
March 24, 1999T – 12 yearsThe first caches of Promethean serum are discovered, able to restore power to those whose powers fade
March 28, 1999T – 12 yearsMiss Midnight begins to study the serum in her lab and begins stockpiling it as research material
May 22, 2000T – 11 yearsUrban Avenger knocked off Eiffel Tower by Iron Crusader at the end of an epic battle. He dies of the fall
December 16, 2001T – 10 yearsNight Shade poisons Red Sabre. His powers fade before the venom runs its course, and he dies
January 8, 2002T – 9 yearsMiss Midnight kills Night Shade. No details of the battle are ever logged
August 11, 2002T – 9 yearsEagle Corporation celebrates the hiring of employee 1,000,000
May 28, 2003T – 8 yearsDoctor Atomic kills Great Wall. The Doctor’s robots return the body to the Titan’s base
May 29, 2003T – 8 yearsDoctor Atomic announces his retirement
June 17, 2003T – 8 yearsDoctor Atomic completes his masterpiece; the Sinister Robot, which enters service in his stead
November 14, 2004T – 7 yearsMiss Midnight powers down and begins using her lab’s supply of serum to conceal the fact.
August 29, 2005,T – 6 yearsHurricane Katrina does incredible damage to the United States, devastating New Orleans
August 29, 2005T – 6 yearsThe remaining Titans scramble to render disaster relief
August 29, 2005T – 6 yearsIron Crusader and Master Mind battle during the hurricane. He is found dead, she is never located
November 26, 2005T – 6 yearsRising Sun tries to take on Black Dragon alone and is killed
December 1, 2005T – 6 yearsUltra Nova retires from the Titans leaving only Captain Awesome and Miss Midnight

The Quiet Era

August 29, 2006T – 5 yearsThe reconstruction of New Orleans begins
October 3, 2006T – 5 yearsCaptain Awesome powers down. Miss Midnight runs solo missions as he takes over base operations
March 9, 2007T – 4 yearsGround broken on Eagle City, crews sent down as they complete work on New Orleans
August 23, 2007T – 4 yearsWork finished on New Orleans, Atlas hands key to the city to Mayor in public ceremony
September 2, 2007T – 4 yearsEagle Corporation closes its massive African factory complex and begins the move to Eagle City
January 1, 2008T – 3 yearsEagle City becomes the new headquarters of the Eagle Corporation
January 17, 2008T – 3 years“Lightning Strike” and “Voltage Master” begin crime spree in Southern USA
February 9, 2008T – 3 yearsEagle Polytechnical School opens its Eagle City campus, centralizing as an organization
February 18, 2008T – 3 yearsWraith joins the Eagle Corporation
March 5, 2008T – 3 yearsThe first Eagle Lancer rolls off the production line of North Plant, Eagle City
May 11, 2008T – 3 yearsMiss Midnight begins to ration her supply of serum by going out on missions powered down whenever she can
June 19, 2008T – 3 yearsLady Lightning and “Master” Voltage captured by Miss Midnight and local (American) prometheans
June 22, 2008T – 3 yearsPreliminary hearing for Voltage and Lady Lightning begins
June 25, 2008T – 3 yearsCharges against Voltage and Lady Lightning dropped, both enter Eagle Corporation employ
January 16, 2009T – 2 yearsMesmero joins the Eagle Corporation
February 4, 2009T – 2 yearsMiss Midnight captured by Sinister Robot, manages to escape by confusing the robot
February 8, 2009T – 2 yearsLightning tasked to upgrade Sinister Robot’s programming
February 16, 2009T – 2 yearsHaving learned of the new generation being hired, Miss Midnight starts looking for potential recruits
March 6, 2009T – 2 yearsCassanova joins the Titans
September 12, 2009T – 2 yearsLifeline joins Eagle corporation
January 8, 2010T – 18 monthsMidnight uses her last vial of serum on a mission, comes back to base and makes Cassanova’s gun
January 10, 2010T – 18 monthsMidnight begins training Cassanova for combat, making him learn to use his emotion sense to anticipate threats

The Recruitment Era

July 4, 2010T – 12 monthsJade Carapace joins the Titans
August 16, 2010T – 10 monthsUnable to acquire funds, Captain Awesome contacts Atlas directly about acquiring a Lancer for base operations
August 17, 2010T – 10 monthsLancer arrives at base, Captain Awesome flies out to speak at the Eagle Polytechnical School
September 21, 2010T – 9 monthsAutumn joins the Titans
October 31, 2010T – 8 monthsValkyrie joins the Titans
November 11, 2010T – 8 monthsRed Star joins the Titans
November 26, 2010T – 7 monthsHalf Life joins Eagle corporation
January 16, 2011T – 5 monthsLady Lightning joins the Titans
February 4, 2011T – 5 monthsJack Frost joins Eagle corporation
February 5, 2011T – 5 monthsXeadas joins the Titans
February 24, 2011T – 4 monthsShockwave joins the Titans
March 3, 2011T – 4 monthsBright Feather joins Eagle corporation
March 20, 2011T – 3 monthsSeven joins the Titans
March 28, 2011T – 3 monthsApex joins Eagle corporation
April 1, 2011T – 3 monthsKnockout joins the Titans
May 5, 2011T – 2 monthsScarlet joins Eagle corporation
June 8, 2011T – 23 daysKatana joins Eagle corporation
June 14, 2011T – 17 daysThe Pulse joins the Titans
July 1, 2011TodayPhoenix joins the Titans

Full Timeline

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