The First Promethians

You grew up learning about Captain Awesome and his Titans, you grew up watching blurry camera shots and grainy videos. So, who were these legends? All of them flew around the battlefield, bullets bouncing off their chest, picking up cars and shooting energy bolts of their signature colours, but what else did they do?

The League of Titans

Captain Awesome: Strong enough to hold up one end of a bridge during an earthquake and tough enough to take rounds from a formation of three T-90 tanks during a crackdown on a demonstration. The good captain was the premiere powerhouse of his day; the reigning heavyweight ass-kicking champion. Accept no substitute!

Miss Midnight: Smartest of the Titans, by a long shot. Her “Buck Rogers” ray gun (Complete with concentric force rings and “pew pew” sounds) was her most well known gadget, but she made up dozens of devices over the years. Fast, accurate and not above fighting a little dirty, she was in action the longest, stepping out of the shadows to spoil a villain’s day for over seventeen years. Her fan sites still list her as an active super-hero, though the truth is that she hasn’t been out on a call for over a year now.

Red Sabre: A dark haired Russian man with lightning reflexes and a bright red energy beam that he swung before him, it could cut through anything and reflect energy bolts back at people. He was the first of the Titans to fall in battle, though not the last.

Rising Sun: The iconic image of her shows her using her left hand to telekinetically hold up a city bus while using her right hand to fire a warp bolt underneath it. She also had an electrical eye beam that could fry electronics. She was probably the least stable of the Titans, especially after the incident with Laser Girl.

Ultra Nova: Most of the art centred around her nova blast, a concentric ring of energy that erupted from her body, but most of her powers were more subtle; illusions and mental illusions being the big ones. She favoured using her mental illusions to keep people busy, using actual illusions to “box people in” and then going to work with her fists, her Nova blast only if she could get a group in one place.

Iron Crusader: Everyone’s favourite action figure, he grew to twice his normal height and was enveloped by a suit of plate armour, the plates swinging from behind him to lock into place around him. The breastplate came down over his shoulder and rows of belly plates emerged from beneath it, for instance. Simply awesome to behold and faithfully rendered by the Eagle action figure. “Cease and be gone, knave!”

Great Wall: Massive purple energy walls, a purple force field, purple force bridges and once even a purple submarine, though most people say that one never happened. He even had healing powers, which also glowed purple. The Wall certainly showed off the most visible power display from the titan’s side.

And who opposed the mighty league? What force of evil could stand against such an incredible array of might? The truthful answer is that most couldn’t, and the League scored countless victories against would-be villains. The only force that really dogged them was the Eagle Corporation … not so much a force for evil as a greedy and meddlesome mega-corporation. Their public image was never glowing, but never completely blackened, either. However, when the Prometheans of the League and the Corporation squared off; everyone wanted to see the fireworks!

The Eagle Corporation

Black Dragon: This large, black man is arrogant, vain and pushy, but with good reason. He single-handedly battled four Titans once, and they only tried to hold him off until the Captain could show up. He and the Captain got into legendary punch-ups that knocked over buildings. The Captain may be stronger, but the Dragon was tougher; a true Juggernaut. His lethal Dragon Bolt blew apart vehicles and took heroes out of the fight.

Night Shade: Many things were attributed to the Shade over the years, but she may or may not have actually done them. Her powers of invisibility and teleportation coupled with her signature poisons made her legend grow far past what she likely did in her career. Then again, one can never be sure …

Storm Lord: Controller of weather, he once stopped a hurricane in its tracks, saving countless lives. Of course, he also did immense property damage hurling lightning bolts down city streets. He is usually depicted with a crackling nimbus to represent the electrical charge he carried and the effects on those who touched him.

Master Mind: A true mentalist, all her powers were “in your mind” and she is often depicted clutching her temples. In fact, she did have a habit of rubbing her right temple in a prolonged fight, but it was clearly not a necessity for her powers.

Doctor Atomic: Never seen outside of his protective radiation suit, the doctor was a mad scientist of the first order. What only dedicated fans found out was that the suit did not allow him to shoot energy beams; it contained the raw atomic power that was flowing from his body. Without it he would have killed everyone around him. The suit allowed him to carefully direct beams of radiation. The doctor often fought alongside his robots.

Urban Avenger: One of the most striking Prometheans of the first generation, he transformed into the elements of the city. His Asphalt form was rubbery, sticky and heat resistant. His Concrete form was large and tough, though slow. His Steel form was springy and fast. His Glass form was seldom used but let him become nearly invisible and focus the sun into a cutting beam that sliced through a bank vault door.

Laser Girl: The only teenager in the first generation, She was a raw blaster using beams of laser light to blind and stun. She was the first Promethean to power down, her powers flickering in a battle just before Rising Sun’s warp bolt hit home. That video depicting the first big name Promethean death changed everything for a lot of fans.

The First Promethians

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